Perpetual Motion

Perpetual Motion, winner of the Hilary Tham Capital Collection contest, The Word Works, 2012, is an exploration of being a human being amid human beings, in all their annoyance and grace.


The first section uses paintings by surrealist Rene Magritte as jumping off points for oddball poems. The painting-based poem titles then serve as titles of the other sections, from “With a Grain of Sel,” auto- and not-so-auto-biographical poems, to “Problems and Affinities,” which focuses more broadly on life and the world.

About the collection, contest judge Gray Jacobik wrote: “I need this poet for the astounding way her worldview — one of absolute unity fraught with infinite divisions, of great and ceaseless morphing — informs and shapes the sheer inventiveness, the wit, the passion of these lines.”

Here are some sample poems:

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