She said he said. And I said, yeah.

Readers may recall that I recently admitted reading Elizabeth Gilbert’s book Big Magic, and a bit of snark notwithstanding, ended up admitting that I found some good stuff in it. Here are some more quotes gleaned from the book:

She quotes poet Jack Gilbert (no relation to her): “We must risk delight…We must have the stubbornness to accept our gladness in the ruthless furnace of the world.”

She cites Buddhist poet David Whyte’s notion of “the arrogance of belonging,” that is, from the confidence of existence, being entitled to the right to have a vision of your own being.

Of herself in opposition to the widespread belief that creativity must be born of misery, she says, “I proclaimed that i enjoyed every single aspect of my creative endeavors — the agony and the ecstasy…I was committed to living a creative life not in order to save the world…not to become famous…not as a form of deep therapeutic emotional catharsis…but simply because I liked it.”

She spoke of this vital notion: “…to make things with a glad and determined heart.”

I’m going to post that one above my desk.


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