All the News

The headline article in the paper one day this week was the efforts of a woman to try to get her mother a date. The father had sunk suddenly and definitively into Alzheimer’s. To pay for his care the mother had had to sell their home in a nice suburb, moved to an apartment, visited him once a week, though he did not necessarily know who she was, but otherwise was trying to live a life, and wished she had someone to go to hockey games or have a meal with. I thought, really? This is front page news? When a bomb in one place had killed dozens, a shooter elsewhere had taken his toll, ISIS was gaining ground, THIS is what was presented as headline news? And then I thought, yes. Life is big and small, local and global, full of small tragedies and huge, individual injustices and population-sized horrors, everyday grace and once-in-a-lifetime holy moments. Somehow we have to absorb it all, live it all. Be part of it all. And sit in the sun beside a blood-red dahlia when we can.


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