“Look at me. Don’t look at me.”

“Look at me. Don’t look at me.”  — Kenny White

What would Susan Sontag say about the selfie craze? She notes that photography imposes a distance between the viewer and what is viewed. What does it mean that we are obsessed with distancing ourselves from ourselves? Are we trying to see ourselves or are we trying to show ourselves to others? “We learn to see ourselves photographically: to regard oneself as attractive is, precisely, to judge that one would look good in a photograph.” If a photograph is a moment captured against mortality, are we trying to selfie ourselves against death? Or are we trying desperately to discover something about ourselves that the presumed dispassionate eye of the camera can show us? Photographs fill some need “to have reality confirmed and experience enhanced,” Sontag wrote. So are we so uncertain of our existence and place in time and space that we need to make it “real” through these image artifacts? Do I exist? Do you?


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