I am reading you..oo…oo…oou

Recently Word Press, or was it Vimeo, was waxing enthusiastic about its analytics capacities. If only I would give it some money, it would tell me everything from the inner secrets to the shoe size of all my site’s visitors or something. And I thought, why? I’m only just shouting into the abyss. I’m not even shouting. I’m chatting. I’m chatting into the abyss. Which made me think of this hilarious piece from Numero Cinq. Perhaps I’m just spamming into the abyss. http://numerocinqmagazine.com/2015/01/31/on-my-death-bed-with-my-spam-filter-music-words-tom-faure/

One thought on “I am reading you..oo…oo…oou

  1. I got a very entertaining annual report from Word Press, complete with map of the world showing where all hits on my blog had come from and a tally of all the hits by country. I’m sure a great deal of this is hackers phishing. Not comforting. I wasn’t asked for money other than what I’ve paid to have the blog. Certainly of the 1000 plus hits, less than 10 people have contacted me about anything on the site.


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