I decided to clean my office. It’s a ritual to proclaim a new, fresh start. The religious historian and philosopher Mircea Eliade wrote, “…to organize space is to repeat the paradigmatic work of the gods.” Let there be light…on the bottom of my in-box. At least temporarily. Unfortunately, my experience with this is that I sift through my piles of crap, find intriguing things, place them in new piles, and throw away very little. I find articles with information that will be really useful…at some point, and little inspiring things, notes, old notebooks. I mean, should I throw this stuff away? Will I regret it? Well, if I’m as the gods, I can’t do anything wrong. But my intention is to clear space so I can open my notebook without elbowing piles out of the way or sweeping aside dusty unsticky piles of sticky notes, to lay open the white page in preparation for creating the world around my pen point. Because in the beginning there is the word.

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