Every day I write the book

I love this moment from Dan Beachy-Quick’s This Nest, Swift Passerine:


I see the sun will

in a single line

bind its whole light


on that spider’s thread

silken in the air

finer with its glow


so bind me to you


I’m having a hard time moving through the whole book, but keep finding these wonderful moments. I have the urge to clip out all the wonderful moments and bind them together. Do you think D B-Q would mind? I think I would like that a reader did that to my book, gathered together all the moments that spoke to them. He did something similar to make this book in the first place, borrowing freely throughout with quotes from Dorothy Wordsworth’s journals, Milton, Buber, and about a dozen other sources. I think about Thomas Jefferson recreating the Bible by doing just this. Do we all need to patch together our own fascicles from excerpts of what speaks to us, our own scraps of truth and beauty?

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