Shuffle step shuffle step

Again I’m shuffling poems around to make a collection. I’ve got poems that are more intimate-voiced and poems that are more distant and observational. I’m trying to decide whether it’s better to start with intimacy and then back into the more distant ones, or set the scene with a distant one and then offer up a more intimate one. And then how to balance those two feelings throughout? By distant I’m talking about something that doesn’t have an asserted “I” or obvious persona. Is it dizzying to move in and out of the personal voice? Is it too distancing to offer too many non-personal poems in a row? Maybe the challenge is to make sure the “distant” ones don’t feel that way, so the experience is more seamless. To inject the ones that even I describe as “more distant” with immediacy, intimacy. Maybe the problem is there is no room for distance. So the task isn’t to shuffle but, arrgh, to plunge back in to revision, to spill some heart and soul onto those pages.

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