On Homer

So I’m reading The Iliad and yeah, lots of lovely lyrical passages, at least in the translations I’ve got — Lattimore and Fagles (but if dawn twaddles its rosy fingers in my face one more time, I’m gonna bite em off). I want to be entranced, but Agammemnon’s an idiot and a bully, and Achilles isn’t much better. All this whining about women they snagged and trade like chattel. And then Achilles goes running to his mommy! Who then goes running to Zeus, who is little more than a spoiled child himself. I guess what’s so annoying is that plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose. There’s always some guy pissed off at somebody else about something stupid who manages to get entire population of people willing to back him in a war. And some hapless god willing to go along with it all.

One thought on “On Homer

  1. I have to agree that those Greek Gods redefine “divine.” Capricious, jealous, vindictive, and NO impulse control. With our modern views of war (and a whole new standard of perfection expected in our heroes), it’s hard to feel the appeal of this brand of hero. Yikes!


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